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08 Feb 6 very good reasons to go on a yoga retreat

1. Purely on a physical level, take your yoga practice to the next level.

Yoga naturally strengthens the muscles by using only your bodyweight for resistance. As you do more yoga, your strength improves and you can try more advanced poses as your body gets stronger and lighter. On retreat, you will definitely do more yoga!

2. On an emotional level, create an opportunity to breakthrough and replace irksome habits.

Breaking routine and being surrounded by new ideas and people, with the responsibility of food and exercise taken care of, on retreat you have the opportunity to allow the dust to settle and to address the underlying reasons why you aren’t getting enough sleep; why night time snacking has crept in; why any other behaviour that you aren’t too fond of it sticking around, has been difficult to break-away from.

3. Learn to actually meditate by understanding why it is just so difficult to implement a daily practice.

Everywhere you look at the moment, the benefits of meditation are being talked about and yet how many of us are able to implement a daily practice? Curious huh?! Exploring just why it’s so difficult often creates that ‘aha’ moment, that then miraculously allows the easy practice of a realistic amount of time each day – opening up all those benefits to you.

4. Detox digitally.

As hippy as it may sound, being surrounded by Wi-Fi signals, phone signals, constant noise of whirring machines and vehicles takes its toll on our nervous systems – fact. If you were to sit with your eyes closed now and I slammed a door, you would easily recognise that your body, without the visual sense to send information to the brain to make sense of the intrusive noise, activates the sympathetic nervous system to prepare you for fight or flight. Imagine the constant conversation that is going on between the stimuli of your environment and your nervous system. By lessening the stimuli, you are lessening the potential threats and giving your adrenals a chance to rest and reset.

5. Stop fretting about your diet. Give up control to gain control.

In our burgeoning health conscious society the occurrence of Orthorexia Nervosa – a term which literally means “fixation on righteous eating” is becoming ever more prevalent.Orthorexia starts out as an innocent attempt to eat more healthily, but orthorexics become fixated on food quality and purity.They become consumed with what and how much to eat, and how to deal with “slip-ups.” On some level, we can all relate to this. It’s a tiring way to live and it is so subtle that often we are unaware of that righteous voice within until it is ruling our lives. With three nutritious and balanced meals prepared for you daily on retreat, you can let go of calorie counting, food obsession or fear of foods.

6. Expand your horizons.

There is a wonderfully obvious saying from the 12 step tradition that “you can’t solve the problem on the level of the problem”. We only have the tools we have to examine, reflect, problem solve, and if there is an old life challenge that has been resistant to your efforts to resolve it or perhaps a new one that you feel ill-equipped to deal with, it may be time for some new tools. The only way to get new tools is to get new information. On retreat you are in constant education – insights arise from the asana practice; the seeds of new concepts are planted from the in-depth exploration of Yoga; new ideas take root from talking with new acquaintances and solutions arise that didn’t previously exist. It’s energetic magic!